Annette Vogel

Annette Vogel bought a guitar as a teenager and after three weeks sang the song "House of the Rising Sun " under the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This was the beginning of her musical career.

After high school she traveled through Europe as a street musician. Her music was strongly influenced by English / American folk.

In Groningen (NL) she founded the band Scarlet for which she wrote all the songs and where she played both guitar and tenor saxophone.

When she moved to Amsterdam, she became the mother of two daughters and worked as a  teacher at a primary school.

 She rewrote her songs to perform them as a singer songwriter.

Since summer 2015, Mario Kaspers has been Annette's regular bass player. They play beautiful  original self-written English-language folky pop songs.

Annette and Mario  toured in the USA in 2018; they were booked in New York, Baltimore, Nashville and Fayetteville (AR).

 In the spring of 2019, they did an audition for the jury of the famous Musiciensdumetro Paris. They passed and nowadays you can find them playing in the metro of Paris. 

During the lockdown in 2020/ 2021 they did a lot of livestreams at American and English livestream platforms. Therefore, in the summer of 2022 they were invited to play in Scotland and so they did a musical tour from New Castle and Dumfries to Glasgow and Edinborough. 

Nowadays Annette and Mario play every week on the stage of Expocafé Zamen in Amsterdam-Noord. 

Annette has never lost the love for the street (and its edge). Until now she can be found regularly in the streets of Amsterdam , Utrecht , Paris and other cities in France like Perpignan and Avignon.  Annette write songs about the meaning of life, She likes the philosophical question: Who am I? and so  she writes  about the search for the meaning of existence, her dark sides, and love.

Annette’s record case includes Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention), Joan Baez and John Coltrane and Billie Eilish! She sounds like Joni Mitchel, Suzanne Vega, Katie Melua.

Annette studied School Music and Saxophone at the Conservatory in Groningen and Amsterdam.