Annette Vogel

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All records are  live recorded - CD Cut the Crap on Spotify 



Live radio recorded! Listen and enjoy! 

Live in Amsterdam-Noord

Annette was interviewd by VPROradio  3voor12 Utrecht and after that the radio played her song  RED. LIsten from the 40th minute (see frame below)


 Recordings from the CD CUT THE CRAP (2016)

It is always fun and exciting to play live for the radio. In the past, Annette played at Muziekmelange (radio Noord, with Hanneke Kappen). She was a guest at Omroep Fryslan and Radio Noord RTV-NH with Leo Driessen in Amsterdam. She was asked several times at the IKON radio at OBA live radio 5. She also played with local radio stations such as Rijnmond Rotterdam, Hoorn Lake Side Stories, radio Woerden, radio Heemskerk and radio Almere. Cult TV Amsterdam made a recording for SALTO (TV Amsterdam) during a live performance.


  a cover of "little green bag" ( George Baker ) was played live bij radio rtv noord . Produced by Ron Goudie/ bass Mick Bekker

 Reactie George Baker: "Je bent de eerste die niet geprobeerd heeft mij te coveren." (You're the first musician who didn't try to cover me, you got your own unique sound) 

Glenn Hays produced a remix of my song Schizophrenia