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 Annette Vogel

 At the tender age of 15 Annette bought her first guitar, three weeks later she sang "House of New Orleans" under the Rijksmuseum, and that was the beginning of a long career in music.Annette studied music and saxophone at the Conservatorium. She played in several bands and toured Europe and the USA. .Currently she lives in Amsterdam and continued as a singer/songwriter.  Annette  plays together with Mario Kaspers on bass and Tommy the Fox (Tom Vos) on cajon, warming up our souls with sounds similar to Joni Mitchel, Suzanne Vega & Katie Melua. 

Long version: Annette Vogel bought as a fifteen year old teenager a guitar and sang after three weeks the song "House of New Orleans" under the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This was the beginning of her musical career.

After high school she traveled through Europe as a street musician. Her music was strongly influenced by English / American folk. Back in the Netherlands she sang in various cover bands. Annette studied School Music and saxophone at the Conservatoire in Groningen (The Netherlands).
She formed the band Scarlet on which she  wrote all the songs and where she played both guitar and tenor saxophone.
This band fell apart in 2000 when Annette decided to quit her turbulent life as a musician. She moved to Amsterdam and there she founded a family and focused on her work as a  teacher on a primary school.
In the spring of 2011 she took her guitar from the attic. When she found her  songs in a folder, she realized that she wanted to share these texts  with people with similar experiences. Also she wants to show that the dark side of life always has a sunny side  (Blue Sky). Some of her songs deal with a difficult period in her life as a teenager when she was admitted to a psychiatric clinic. Annette decided to rewrite her old songs and perform them as a singer-songwriter. In the mean time she wrote many new songs,based on her experiences of life . With Mario Kaspers (bass) and Tommy the Fox (drums). 

Annette's great examples are  Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention), Joan Baez and John Coltrane.  She sounds like Joni Mitchel. Joan Baez, Katie Melua.