Annette Vogel

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New Album-  Like An Old Friend/ Released at Fayetteville/ USA Summer 2018

Christmas CD Radio Universe

Annette played her brand new Christmas song "You're my soldier" especially for this CD. The CD  produced by Universe radiois a compilation CD with Christmas songs by various artists. Especially for this CD I wrote the song 'You're my soldier'. Other songs on this CD are from Alexander Franken, Bart and or Cornelis, Brian Sydney, David Savage, Lyssna, Joep van Leeuwen & band and Maaike Siegerist. The CD can be ordered through me and costs € 5.00

 In June 2016 Annette and bassist Mario Kaspers recorded 16 songs at Studio 66 in Amsterdam (Hans Meijer). The songs are all recorded in one track. WHAT YOU HEAR IS WHAT YOU GET. After half a century life-time you know how to Cut the Crap!

 In February 2015, Jannet Fink and Annette Vogel played LIVE at LakeSideStories in Hoorn. A CD of this is included. The CD can be ordered via